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Luca Cucchetti 1990 Rave

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Classics rave anthem from Italian Master Luca Cucchetti.
Back, when we were moving forward.

Sound Aesthetics 04 : Jaquarius (Live Set)

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French acid connoisseur Jaquarius shares his energy driven live set. Taking you down a psychedelic rabbit hole with 303 wizardry and banging 909 drums. Face melting acid combined with stomping techno , thats the way the French producer rolls. Huge sounds coming from this guy, he has released his trax on Tripalium, Lunar Distance, Hypnotik, Narcosis, Kromatones, and one of our personal favorites Acid Avengers. Jaquarius seems no stranger when it comes to the gear in his set up. The producer has clearly mastered the machines that he works with . His dedication and creativity is felt from start to finish. Only a few can make a 303 cry and scream the way Jaquarius does. Fleshing out one of the finest acid sets you can hear these days. Time to reveal your shadow figure and get with it.

NVDA Pulse Series 02 - Fabrizio D'arcangelo Djset

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Live & Dj Set selected from Reaktor Unpolished Events 2018 - Amsterdam feat. The Mover - Manu Le Malin - Umwelt - Truss - Miss Djax - Parallx - Parrish Smith

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Drum & Bass Stratosphere Vol. 2

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Tags: drum&basspodcast

The second selection from my D&B favorite archive.

Drum & Bass Strastosphere & Marcus Intalex Tribute

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Tags: intalexmarcusdanyangelellidrum&bass

Drum & Bass Selection from my archive favorite of all time
with tribute in second part to Maestro Marcus Intalex
R.I.P. 28-05-2017.

Vinyl Session Selection Archive 2005-2010

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Tags: vinyldjsetpodcastdanyangelelli

Some dj sets selected from my old archive.
Differents styles from minimal techno to detroit, acid and techouse.
Years 2005 to 2010. Vinyl Only.

Feat.: Hardfloor, Kevin Saunderson, Robert Hood, Lory D, Samuel L Session, Roberto Bosco, Claudio Mate, Subotic, Vince Watson, Richie Hawtin, Joel Mull, Joris Voorn, Samkland, Rekorder, Secretsundaze, Kollektiv Turmstrasse...and many many more!


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01. Crotaphytus - Titanus Saurus Rex - Solar One Music
02. The Hacker - 1111 - Solar One Music
03. Drvg Cvltvre - The Dead Envy The Living - Solar One Music
04. Paul Mac - Level Of What - Stimulus Rec.
05. Paul Mac - Rip Tide - Stimulus Rec.
06. AX&P  - Disorder - PercTrax
07. Perc & Randomer - Igneous - PercTrax
08. Martyn Hare - Time Terminated - Power Vacuum
09. Pan Daijing - Very Uncomfortable, Please - Power Vacuum
10. The Exaltics - Do I have repeat myself - Solar One Music
11. Chris Moss Acid - Cenobite - Solar One Music
12. Chris Moss Acid - LFT6 (Bilge Techno) - Chris Moss Acid
13. Pan Daijing - Druid (Bintus Rmx) - Power Vacuum
14. Duran Duran Duran - Drap Jam - Power Vacuum
15. Dj Rum - Mountain Part.1 - 2nd Drop Records

Circuit Break Session Vol.2 Selected & Mixed Dany Angelelli

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Tags: danyangelellidjsetelectroacid

Tracklist 03 | 10 | 2016

01. Project STS-31 - Project STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie - Solar One Music
02. Mike Ash - Interception - Landing On The Moon - No Survivors!
03. Umwelt - Motor Coordination - Polybius Trax
04. Mike Ash - Conscious Entity - No Survivors!
05. Mike Ash - Space Monkeys - No Survivors!
06. ERP - Ancient Light (The Exaltics Remix) - Solar One Music
07. Gazelle Twin - Exorcise (Dave Clarke Remix) - Gazelle Twin
08. Project STS-31 - The Exaltics - NGC 253 - Solar One Music
09. Mike Ash - Red Eye Robot (No Survivors Mix) - No Survivors!
10. Car-D - What is your role - ABR Promo
11. Storb - 55 - Emetic XXIX
12 .Storb - Hardbrak - Emetic XXIX
13. Mechanism - Spirit In Decent - IST

2x1210 Serato Scratch Live no-sync vinyl track\digital track
Copyright is the respective owner,
pls buy a track on the best vinyl/digital store
and support the artist\label.

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30 Minute Session - TDK Side A - Dany A.

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Tags: danyangelellielectrotechnoraveordieumweltjoefarrroguefrequencyperc

30 Minute Session recorded on TDK Tape90 with "No Dolby"
Serato Scratch Live - No Sync

01. Rogue Frequency - Solitary - New Flash
02. Umwelt - Ruthless Order - Rave or Die
03. Rogue Frequency - Projectile - New Flash
04. Umwelt - Guts Of The City - Rave or Die
05. Perc & Truss - Badman - Perc Trax Ltd.
06. Joe Farr - Spectate (Max Cooper Rmx) - Leisure System

Copyright is the respective Owner.
Pls Buy track on the best vinyl\digital store
and support the Artist\Label.
***seriously, if you're a "berghanian" hipster not play this***

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