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[AF016] ScanOne 'E​.​OneSeven EP' [2018]

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Tags: electrobraindancebreackbeat2018

Jude Greenaway joins Analogical Force with ‘E.OneSeven EP’.
Some might already know ScanOne from past releases on Combat Recordings and Yellow Machines.
Intricate breakbeat treatments with crisp electronica melodic edits, twisted future hardcore and London-bred basslines…
the sound of ScanOne in 2018.

On the b-side the Conner brothers reappear after a long silence as Bitstream,
to twist ‘Re-Turn’ into the darker dystopian side. Fans of solid underground music take note.

releases September 5, 2018

Paranoid London & Bubbles Bubblesynski - The Boombox Affair

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Tags: acid303londonrelease2018

We met Bubbles at the Sunset Campout in California last year after giving him a pair of socks to pad his bra out. He was exactly the kind of character we love to work with & we all decided that we should make a track together.

The week that we were supposed to send him a backing track tragedy struck & he was gunned down & killed in the Tenderloin District of San Fransisco … San Fran-fucking-sisco! The one place on Earth he should have been safe. To date the crime remains unsolved & nobody has yet been charged with his murder (although it is pretty much an open secret who was responsible).

The next time we were in San Fran we were talking to mutual friends & they told us how excited he was to be doing the record. We couldn’t let that slide so we decided we had to make the track.
We took some audio from his Facebook account (a piece of film where he breaks in to a construction yard on his own, sets up his decks & holds a rave for himself), did our usual repetitive drums & acid and married the two together. The result is The Boombox Affair.
All profits from the record are going to 2 charities in San Fran that were close to Bubbles’ heart:

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Unreleased Underground Resistance Tracks from '90s To get limited release.

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Tags: newsurdetroit2018

Michigan record store Technical Equipment Supply is releasing a very limited issue of unreleased
Underground Resistance tracks including productions by Jeff Mills and Mad Mike Banks.
The 12” release, ‘Electronic Emotions / Like That’, contains music from the two legendary
Detroit artists produced between 1993 and ‘94. The release will only be available to purchase in the store.
Last year, Technical Equipment Supply, which is located in the small town of Ypsilanti,
ran a similarly limited in-store exclusive when they released an Aphex Twin record ‘3 GERALD REMIX / 24 TSIM 2’.
Technical Equipment Supply is run by Ghostly International affiliate DJ/producer Todd Osborn.

You can gaze at the release in all its rare glory below. It's available in store now.
The announcement has, unsurprisingly, driven DJs into a frenzy with the likes
of Jackmaster, Peach and Mike Servito tweeting their need to get their hands on the tracks.

Il negozio di dischi Michigan Technical Equipment Supply sta rilasciando un numero molto limitato
di brani inediti degli Underground Resistance, incluse le produzioni di Jeff Mills e Mad Mike Banks.

La versione da 12 "," Electronic Emotions / Like That ", contiene musiche dei due leggendari artisti di Detroit prodotte il 1993 e il '94. La versione sarà disponibile solo per l'acquisto nel negozio.
L'anno scorso, Technical Equipment Supply, che si trova nella piccola città di Ypsilanti, ha avuto un'esclusiva esclusiva in-store quando hanno rilasciato un disco di Aphex Twin "3 GERALD REMIX / 24 TSIM 2". Technical Equipment Supply è gestita dal DJ / produttore affiliato Ghostly International, Todd Osborn.

L'annuncio ha, senza sorprese, spinto i dj in una frenesia con il calibro di Jackmaster, Peach e Mike Servito
che hanno twittato il loro bisogno di mettere le mani sul disco.

Into The Realm Various Artists feat. Paul Birken | Mickey Nox | Ontal | ABSL

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Tags: technorelease2018

"Into The Realm" that features American Hardware hero Paul Birken, Australia's own Mickey Nox,
The powerhouse duo Ontal and closing the madness is ABSL.
All 4 original tracks showcases each artists' concept and theory of their unique techno story.
Though most importantly as a hole it also projects and guides the listeners into the intended destination for Green Fetish Records.

A​-​Sim - Love & Hate from RV Trax Vol.2 Various Artist | R&S Records

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Tags: technoelectror&s2018

RV Trax Vol 2.
Four different flavours from the dj sets of Renaat Vandepapeliere
Featuring Wavescape, A-Sim, Marc Vain and Blackstone.

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Jensen Interceptor - Delayed Response [PS006]

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Tags: electrotechno2018

Jensen Interceptor Bold, Timeless and coming for you. Take it as you want, we did and dam are we glad. You may have heard of this nightrider in the electro sphere on labels such as Central Processing Unit / Zone/ Boys Noise Records or just casually collaborating with veteran The Hacker on his own imprint International Chrome. Having known Jensen for some time now it was more then appropriate to have him join us in the steam room and turn some gears. The result? 5 dance ready pieces from the future, delivered to us in the past and ready for you now. This is PS006 - Jensen Interceptor ’s Delayed Response
Gear 1, Route E - Headlights, check….tailgates, check…engine oil….CHECK. Some serious low slung BPM machine funk with a few twists and turns. Gear 2, Delayed Response feat Kirin J Callinan on Guitar/ Freak out duties - Jensen ramps it up a notch with wild guitar lines from Kirin soar through the motorik groove and hey, Delayed Response might be exactly the reaction we expect.
On the B side we have Emulator, taken right from the era of the E-MU SP machine. The heart ripped right out, implanted and transformed into a sweat induced body music work out. Gear 4, Tunnel Chase takes us in to some Front 242 / Tyranny For you mutated breaks territory. Mechanical rhythms push and thrust alongside the main sequence all but guided by a vocal pad of whom? The voice of your mother through distant memory? And finale’ Saudade - a dark wave / electro piece highlighting the origins/ inspirations of his mission. Jensen might be trying to tell us something about the future.

ASSEMBLER CODE/JENSEN INTERCEPTOR - Vapour Waves [Pre Order - Out 03 set 18]

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Tags: electrorelease2018

Australian producers Jensen Interceptor and Assembler Code team
up with The Hacker to deliver another powerful electro release on Mechatronica.
Vapour Waves is blasted open by the effective, bumping sunray anthem Random Pain,
followed by the darker soundscapes and wonky bassline of HRL6.
On the flip, The Hacker's stingy, metallic rework of Drive Shift plunges straight into the deep,
following the cold groove and hypnotic design of the original version.

Pre Order Full Preview

E.R.P. - Evoked Potentials part. 2/3 + 1/3

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Tags: erpelectrorelease2018

Semantica Records reissue the second part of the 2009/10 Evoked Potentials series
from electro mastermind E.R.P aka Convextion. Essential for fans of the genre.

PART 2/3
PART 1/3

Luca Cucchetti 1990 Rave

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Tags: cucchettiravetechno19902018

Classics rave anthem from Italian Master Luca Cucchetti.
Back, when we were moving forward.

Sound Aesthetics 04 : Jaquarius (Live Set)

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Tags: acidpodcastjaquarius2018

French acid connoisseur Jaquarius shares his energy driven live set. Taking you down a psychedelic rabbit hole with 303 wizardry and banging 909 drums. Face melting acid combined with stomping techno , thats the way the French producer rolls. Huge sounds coming from this guy, he has released his trax on Tripalium, Lunar Distance, Hypnotik, Narcosis, Kromatones, and one of our personal favorites Acid Avengers. Jaquarius seems no stranger when it comes to the gear in his set up. The producer has clearly mastered the machines that he works with . His dedication and creativity is felt from start to finish. Only a few can make a 303 cry and scream the way Jaquarius does. Fleshing out one of the finest acid sets you can hear these days. Time to reveal your shadow figure and get with it.

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